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We provide but are not limited to the following services:


Services include check-in and check-out clean along with mid-week service if requested. We can take out the trash, do the ironing, wash the dishes and much more. All aspects of housekeeping and details are oriented to your specifications.

Rental Properties

  • Check-out/Check-in Clean
  • All bedding is replaced with clean sheets/pillowcases/duvet covers
  • All bathroom linen is washed and replaced
  • Kitchen is cleaned including stove, fridge and microwave
  • Dust, vacuum and mop all areas of house or condo
  • Laundry done as needed
  • Rental and Owner linens can be accommodated
  • Placing of bathroom items such as soap, shampoo, conditioner and lotion can be done by our staff
  • Any welcome items will be placed out as specified by owner

Deep Cleans

Deep cleans are done in the spring and fall. Each clean is individualized for each season and work is only done as needed. Windows can be washed prior to the homeowners arrival date. Deep cleans include but are not limited to this list and the homeowner can choose what items to have done to their home.


  • deep clean stove, oven, hoods and refrigerator
  • wipe out all shelving and drawers and under kitchen sink
  • scrub floor edges around base of all islands and kitchen counters
  • wipe down tops of cabinets, fridge and shelves


  • vacuum ceiling fans
  • vacuum perimeter edging of carpets and floors
  • clean tops of doors, door frames, high ledges, beams and shelves
  • clean under furniture and sofa cushions
  • clean lighting fixtures
  • clean baseboards and heater vents
  • clean and organize closets and drawers
  • clean mechanical rooms and storage rooms
  • dust and vacuum all logs, beams, rock walls and wood paneling-surfaces that collect dust
  • dust pictures and mirrors
  • dust and vacuum blinds, curtains and drapes
  • deep dust and vacuum of entire house
  • open windows, vacuum and clean sills and window tracks
  • specific requirements or project for your home


  • wash small mats and toilet area rugs
  • wipe out bathroom drawers and under vanity
  • wipe down walls


  • flip and rotate mattresses
  • wash all bedding such as duvet covers, mattress pads, pillow protectors and dust ruffles (highly recommended for rental units 2x a year)


  • Sweep out garage
  • clean, straighten and organize shelves
  • wash and vacuum cars
  • Fill cars with gas
  • Switch summer tires for winter tires
  • Deliver cars for routine oil changes


  • Put lawn furniture away for winter
  • wipe cushions and store for winter
  • Sweep decks off
  • wash exterior surfaces such as decks, patios and driveways
  • wash windows, screens and skylights before winter
  • sweep out cobwebs

Maintenance House Items:

  • Change batteries on smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors (recommended 2x a year)
  • Change baking sodas 2x a year
  • Check caulking in kitchen and baths
  • clean and lubricate sliding glass door and screens
  • tighten up loose door hinges (many will be loose in most houses)
  • carpets professionally cleaned
  • stone or tile floors professionally cleaned


  • Snow removal of 2-3 inches on specified areas as requested
  • Build up of snow is limited per your approval
  • Basic repairs as needed
  • Referrals to contractors
  • Security system checks arranged
  • Winter heat inspections arranged with original contractor or other
  • Snow melt inspections arranged
  • Heat tape function/annual inspection and minor repairs
  • Ice removal
  • Roof inspections/ minor work done in spring/fall
  • Deck inspections
  • Roof Snow removal
  • Driveway maintenance
  • Light bulb inspection and replacement
  • Batteries changed in smoke detectors
  • Painting inside and out (BIDS)
  • Painting decks (BIDS)
  • Windows cleaned including storms removed, all sides cleaned, screens wiped down and cleaned and skylights cleaned (BIDS)
  • Wood delivered and stacked in fall
  • Fireplace chimneys cleaned and inspected as needed (recommended every other year)
  • Back flow inspections as required by town of Aspen and Snowmass Village
  • Alarm permits renewed
  • Cover hot tubs for long periods
  • Manage water systems as requested
  • Organize storage areas
  • Sweep and cleaning of garages
  • Hang/bring down bikes in garage
  • Drain sediment from hot water tanks 1-2x per year
  • Seasonal shut down of hot water tanks, water softeners, recirculation pumps and insta-hots as needed


  • Drop off/pick up of dry cleaning
  • Grocery shopping
  • Ski or snowboard drop-off/pick-up
  • Flowers arranged for arrivals as requested
  • Car delivered to airport for arrival/departure at public or private airport
  • Food items put in unit as requested or standing order
  • Meet and greet friends, guests or elderly relatives as needed
  • Meet deliveries
  • Meet subcontractors, insurance agents, appraisers, etc
  • Other errands as requested
  • Set up for rental arrivals

Landscaping Care

  • Care and maintenance of yard, mowing and trimming (BID)
  • Planters planted with seasonal flowers
  • Spring and fall cleanup such as raking and cutting back dead flowers
  • Dead and downed trees cut up and removed as needed
  • Lawn furniture put out in spring and put away in fall
  • Hanging baskets put out as requested
  • Lawns fertilized and fed in spring/summer/fall
  • Opening and closing of sprinkler systems/minor repairs and meeting subcontractors if needed
  • Care and weeding of flower beds
  • Care of water features

Vehicle Maintenance

  • Complete car care
  • Services including oil changes/lubes and tune-ups
  • Dealership services such as warranty/recalls
  • Cars cleaned inside/outside, filled with gas and ready for arrival
  • Switch over of seasonal tire change
  • Car driven as requested
  • Set up of ski racks/bike racks and removal
  • Obtaining parking permits and ski parking permits


  • Purchase Christmas trees/wreaths/garlands and set up
  • Set up and remove holiday items
  • Pick up of special plants for holidays
  • Specialty lights on outside/inside of house including any trees/areas as requested
  • Order flowers/centerpieces as requested


All cleaning and paper products are monitored for your convenience. Supplies are replaced as necessary. We will buy products you like or request. All cleaning supplies and vacuum are supplied by owner and we use products you prefer. We will use products that are safe for the environment if no preference is made.

This is an overview of our services. We look forward to working with you and specializing our service to fit your home needs.


Steve Avery