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About Us

Monthly Management Fee

This fee is a retainer for our service and helps to cover a portion of our fixed costs in caring for your home which includes weekly house checks.

During a walk-thru, our attention is on such things as security, heat settings (in winter) and obvious problems with plumbing, electric and other conditions. We accept deliveries at our home office and will be your first contact for security companies and homeowner associations.

Expense Account

Most homeowners provide an expense account for the various costs associated with a home. These funds are used to purchase supplies and pay small invoices. Typical funding for an average house is $1000-$2000 dollars. We do have smaller accounts for $500-$1000 dollars. Your money is kept in a separate escrow account, aside from our business funds, and you receive a monthly accounting of your expenses and deposits.


Each house is checked prior to your arrival. We open blinds, do a light dust, check house for bugs, turn on ice-makers, turn up heat and leave lights on for late arrivals.